Special Products

Chain Slack Valves

For lift truck applications. The chain slack valve maintains pressure in the main lift cylinder to prevent a sudden load dropping due to slack in the lift chain that was created by the forks being "over lowered".

  model Rated Flow Maximum Pressure
1648 1648 Up to 30 GPM 3000 psi

Pressure Selector Valve

For applications requiring an operator to select system pressure. Position of the hand lever allows flow into one of the 3 relief valves for a low, medium or high pressure setting. Each relief is adjustable

  model Rated Flow Maximum Pressure
8062 8062 25 GPM 3000 psi

Crossover Relief Valve

Crossover Relief Valve is used to protect hydraulic motors from load induced pressure surges. Direct acting ball type relief.

  model Rated Flow Maximum Pressure
8078 8078 10 GPM 3000 psi

Double Pilot Check Valve

Double Pilot Operated Check Valve is used for locking double acting actuators in position until pressure is applied to move the actuator. Check valves are industry standard 10 Series cartridges.

  model Rated Flow Maximum Pressure
DPC Series DPC Series 15 GPM 3000 psi

Circuit Selector

Circuit selector hydraulic valve

  model Rated Flow Maximum Pressure
SF1643 SF1643 15 GPM 3600 psi